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Are You Covered?

What if you were named individually in a lawsuit and it required specific defense counsel?

What if your current employer does not have the proper coverage in place to protect you?

What if you have a second job, volunteer or give advice to a friend or neighbor?

Who We Cover

  • Employed pharmacists

  • Hospital pharmacists

  • Community pharmacists

  • Clinical pharmacists

  • Long-term care pharmacists

  • Nuclear pharmacists

  • Consultant pharmacists

  • Self-employed pharmacists

  • Volunteer pharmacists

  • Retired pharmacists

  • Pharmacy instructors

  • Student pharmacists

What We Cover

Limits of $1 million per occurrence and $3 million aggregate

(higher limits may be available)

  • Coverage Options:

    » Exclude Sterile Compounding
    » Include Sterile Compounding
    » Advanced Pharmacist License

  • Immunizations and Other Drug Administration

  • Drug Regimen Reviews and Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

  • Drug or Drug-Related Research

  • Medication Consultation

  • Drug and Device Storage

  • Participation in Drug and Device Selection

  • Loss of Earnings

    $1,500 per day, up to $50,000 limit

  • Pharmacist License Defense

    $250,000 limit

  • Board of Pharmacy Imposed Fees

    $2,500 limit

  • HIPAA Claim Defense

    $50,000 limit

  • Assault

     $25,000 limit

  • Sexual or Physical Abuse Liability

    $50,000 limit (higher limits may be available)

Policy terms and conditions control.
Coverage may not be available in all states and territories.


Pharmacist Professional Liability Insurance
$1M/$3M or $2M/$4M coverage options
$1M/$3M or $2M/$4M coverage options
Tailored Coverages
Advanced Pharmacist License Coverage
Sterile Compounding
License Protection
$250,000 aggregate
$25,000 aggregate
Board of Pharmacy imposed fee coverage
Defendant Expense Benefit
$1,500 day / $50,000 aggregate
$1,000 day/ $25,000 aggregate
Deposition Representation
$50,000 aggregate
$25,000 aggregate
Assault Coverage
$25,000 aggregate
$25,000 aggregate
Personal Injury Coverage
Sexual Misconduct / Abuse
$50,000 aggregate / higher limits available
$25,000 aggregate
HIPAA Claim Defense
$50,000 aggregate
$25,000 aggregate

For more information on products and coverage, contact your local field agent. 

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All products may not be available in all states and territories.